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    PREZIO Health's Upcoming Webinars

    PREZIO Health will be hosting two webinars on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 starting at 5am and 10am Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -07:00). The subject of these two webinars will be "Common Mistakes in Flexible Scope Reprocessing." Both webinars are a part of the PREZIO Health University program, showcasing PREZIO's ongoing commitment to educational resources for healthcare professionals.

    PREZIO Health University

    In an effort to provide healthcare professionals with the tools and resources they need for many of the industry standard certifications required, PREZIO Health offers a wide variety of certification prep courses including webinars, on-site classes and more. These courses are designed to prepare students to take practical examinations and enter the work force with the information necessary to work safely in any healthcare environment.

    PREZIO Health is an approved provider of continuing education courses by the California Board of Registered Nurses, and our courses are accepted by most other state board agencies. Students who successfully complete this webinar will be eligible for 1.0 CEU through IAHCSMM and CBSPD.

    Flexible Scope Reprocessing Webinars

    As a company that provides healthcare facilities with ongoing maintenance, sterilization and training services, PREZIO Health has a unique opportunity to see the areas where employees struggle most to keep flexible scopes clean and safe. We have put together this webinar as a way of addressing the problems that we encounter most frequently in the field to give healthcare facilitators the information they need to review their own systems for weaknesses and failures.

    Students who enroll in this webinar will learn about proper handling and sanitation at point of use, proper leak testing techniques, general reprocessing standards and manual cleaning requirements. The goal is to fully examine each of these four topics in depth to help students understand exactly how mistakes are made and what can be done to prevent damage to equipment or spread of infection caused by improper procedures.

    PREZIO Health aims to bring relevant and informative materials to the forefront of your sterile processing efforts with the belief that good information empowers employees to advocate for better sterilization and instrument care. As awareness of these topics grows, the number of infectious diseases spread through surgical equipment will continue to fall in the future. This starts by ensuring that employees understand all steps of the sterilization process, from the most general principals to the exact specifications that apply to each model of flexible scope.

    PREZIO Health

    To learn more about PREZIO Health's two Flexible Scope Reprocessing webinars and how they can contribute to your continuing education requirements, visit our website. Enrollment in our webinars is first come, first served. These webinars will start promptly at the two designated times of 5am and 10 EDT on Tuesday May 3rd for registered participants

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