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    Healthcare Employees Could Be at Risk for Hepatitis C Infections

    Hepatitis C has been and remains a major problem in much of the Western world. Among those at greatest risk for Hepatitis C infection are patient care workers within the US health system.

    Alarming Studies of Healthcare Workers

    New research by BMJ Occupational and Environmental Medicine purports that Hepatitis C cases are contracted nearly three times as often when you are talking about healthcare workers who handle biohazardous material. Regular healthcare workers have nearly twice the chance of being infected in comparison to the rest of the general population.

    The study pointed to workers in South Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the U.S. when citing these statistics. Research shows that Hepatitis C infections in Japan were no more common in healthcare workers than in the general population.

    While drug use is a common culprit for Hepatitis C outbreaks in the general population, this factor was taken out from the healthcare workers studied. The number of healthcare workers who experience accidental exposure to biohazardous materials is quite staggering at around 80%. However, the actual infection rate of Hepatitis C in healthcare workers exposed depends a great deal on the level of exposure, the degree of contamination and the viral load the affected patient.

    Despite the strictest adherence to proper infection control practice, accidents do happen. Luckily, sound care and handling processes coupled with rigorous infection control practices for surgical instrumentation and medical equipment can help remove inconsistencies that often lead to exposures.

    PREZIO Health

    PREZIO Health is a leader in the repair and maintenance of surgical instruments and endoscopic equipment. We understand that a reduction in these exposures will mitigate risks to healthcare workers while enhancing patient care and safety practices.

    Hospitals and administrators strive for efficiency within the surgical cycle, and policies built around best demonstrated practice are an essential component to this realization.

    PREZIO Health can provide your facility with highly skilled technicians who can manage your complex surgical instrumentation. Our team of certified professionals can employ sound experience to keep your surgeries on-time and less-experienced employees safe from accidental exposure. Please contact us for more information today.

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